News & Match Results at Lindholme Lakes Country Park

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Weekend open match results February 6 – 7

8 February 2016 Fishing News & Match Results

Saturday February 6
Bonsai Lake (30 pegs)
1. S Barraclough 88-9-0, peg 1
2. G Boddice 81-10-0, peg 41
3. R Bennett 79-5-0, peg 27
4. K Smith 77-0-0, peg 64

The lake was on top form today as seventh place recorded 69lb in this well-attended Saturday match! Out in front and taking one of the golden pegs was Steve Barraclough, he caught on pellet and bread to the island and corner of peg 1.

Sunday February 7
Individual Winter League Round 8
Bonsai and Laurels (52 pegs)
1. G Barbie 89-5-0, Bonsai 56
2. R Lidgate 87-10-0, peg 67
3. Wogga 59-14-0, Bonsai 63
4. N Speed 55-14-0, Bonsai 1
5. L Grimmet 52-11-0, Bonsai 48

Not surprisingly after the previous day’s weights, Bonsai DOMINATED the frame. In strong winds the only real option was the tip and George Barbie cast the bomb and corn to the island for a mainly carp catch, just ahead of Royston Lidgate on 67. The other talking point was that for the second round running, and the third time this year, young Les Marshall drew peg 70, although unfortunately for him on this occasion he was dominated by Royston two pegs to the left!