Oasis Lake

Oasis is our lake shared by lodges, several of which now have private fishing on it. Each lodge bought will have its own private set of pegs, although 70% of the lake is still currently fishable for day ticket and match anglers. There are 63 pegs in total, all of which have the far side to fish to at a range of 14-16m. It’s a very fair lake and matches can be won from anywhere. Oasis is between 12ins and 3ft deep on the far side, dropping down to around 5ft down the middle.


Oasis has carp to double figures but the mainstay is F1s between 1lb and 4lb. You’ll also find a lot of barbel and some decent chub too, plus roach, skimmers and perch.

Favoured Pegs

There are no real fliers on Oasis but the early pegs 7-10 are always good, as are those in the 50s. In summer the pegs in the 30s are often a good bet, especially if the wind has been blowing in that direction.

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Fishing tight up to the far side is often a winning method, try and find the shallowest water you can, tight up to the bank. Use chopped worm or pellets here on a size 16 or 18 hook to a 10 elastic and 0.12mm (3lb) or 0.10mm (2lb) hooklengths. You’ll also catch plenty of F1s shallow down the central track fishing hard pellets or casters.
The margins hold fish late in the afternoon, with some large carp and barbel coming in. It’s also worth fishing a line at the base of the near shelf at about 5-6m out with pellets, corn or paste.


Expander pellets rule on Oasis in winter. Try and find 2ft 6ins to 3ft of water across to the far side and keep moving lines. Start in front of you and gradually move to the sides as the fish back off. Feed micro pellets with a nice light slim float. Do the same about two thirds of the way across too, with a slightly heavier float to compensate for the extra depth. Maggots are worth a go for the chub and for the small silverfish.

Top Tip

On Oasis I always start a match fishing my top kit with about two or three sections on with pellets or corn. Kinder pot bait in little and often, it’s usually worth a good run of early fish before you venture across to the far side.

Nick Speed, Shimano/Dynamite Baits, Professional Angling Coach