Loco Lake

This is one of our larger lakes, an expanse of open water which requires a good 50 – 60 yard chuck to reach the centre. It’s deep too with around 6ft of water 6m out, and around 8-10ft of water on the long pole line. Home to the largest fish on the complex, it offers some spectacular sport, especially for day ticket anglers. The only real feature in the lake is the small sunken island in the middle, which is identified by the wooden posts sticking out of the water.


There are lots of 20lb-plus carp in Loco, the biggest known was last caught at 28lb. We have a couple of really stunning ghost carp around the 24lb mark. Most of the carp here average 7lb and there are plenty in double figures too, so tackle up accordingly. Loco has a big head of F1 carp too to over 4lb and lots of bream. You’ll also find ide, roach, rudd and perch. The lake has a stock of pike too and we allow predator fishing in the winter months on request, when the lake doesn’t have a match on. In 2014 a 28lb pike came out, plus another of 26lb in the space of a few days to one of our residents Jim Winter.

Favoured Pegs

The pegs which can cast to the middle island are usually fliers, these being pegs 6, 17 and 43. In summer however follow the wind to find the fish!

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The deep, large nature of Loco makes it ideal for pellet waggler fishing with 6mm or 8mm pellets. Don’t fish too heavy or you’ll miss out on the F1s however, so try a hooklength of about 5lb.
Also consider the pole shallow at 13m-14m, fishing depths between 12ins and 3ft. Method feeders and pellet feeders work well too, both in open water and to the sunken island.

It’s a good chuck to the island so use a 12ft feeder rod and a feeder of around 30-35g.

If you want a busy day with silverfish try putting some groundbait and chopped worms around 11m out on the bottom. Finally the margins are where you’ll often get the biggest fish on Loco, with some fantastic fishing to be had in the evenings. Fish to the empty peg next door and feed groundbait or corn heavily. Be warned used at least 8lb line however, as these are big fish!




Fish tend to push out into the middle of the lake so use a small pellet or Method feeder. A bomb and corn approach works too, especially in the harshest conditions. You might catch a net of silverfish on the long pole with maggots, casters or pinkie baits too.

Top Tip

The water on Loco is quite clear so fish a conventional clear waggler of around 4 – 5g in weight. Cast as far as you can feed 6mm pellets and adjust the depth to find where the fish are feeding.

Tommy Pickering, 1989 World Champion & former world match record holder