2017 Fishing Festivals

2017 Fishing Festivals at Garbolino Lindholme Lakes Fishery and Country Park.

Our two annual five-day fishing festivals are becoming increasingly popular and always see some terrific sport on the best lakes on the complex, plus plenty of laughs and friendly banter along the way.

The lakes are quieter in midweek so we try to spread anglers around to give the best chance of a good day’s fishing and a 100lb-plus catch. All anglers are welcome on our festivals and accommodation is available on site for those coming from further afield. Lindholme Lakes reduces its daily pegging fee to £5 for festival weeks to boost the winnings of the anglers.


Example pay out guide, based on 50 anglers.

  • 1st £1000 (plus £1000 donated by Lindholme Lakes)
  • 2nd £900
  • 3rd £800
  • 4th £700
  • 5th £600
  • 6th £400
  • 7th £300
  • 8th £250
    *Daily section winners are paid out £50 (an optional superpool also runs)

Lakes are rotated and points are scored via five peg sections. Four results are counted, one is dropped



Monday May 22 to Friday May 26 2017


Monday July 24 to Friday July 28 2017


Festival entry is £200 (includes peg fees, section and overall payouts, personalised festival polo shirt).


You will need to book your place in advance by paying a deposit of £50 before May 1 for the Spring Festival and July 1 for the Summer Festival. You can do this in our tackle shop, for more information call us on 01427 875555 or view our contact page. The remainder of the entry balance can be paid on the morning of the first day.

Fishing Festivals at lindholme lakes Country park