Beeches Lake

4 Acre lake with 42 pegs. Our totally unspoilt match lake with over 16 metres between pegs.

A former trout lake, Beeches is not your average commercial fishery water. Matured with reed beds and trees, every peg is different and it features two small arms plus a main ‘bowl’ of water. Beeches is completely the opposite of a ‘hole in the ground’ and is situated in the top right-hand corner of the site. Depths vary between 4ft and 6ft. There are 37 pegs on the lake.


Common and mirror carp make up the mainstay of the stock in Beeches. they average 2-5lb but run into double figures. There are also plenty of F1s and a good stock of silverfish such as skimmer bream, roach, rudd, ide and chub.

Favoured Pegs

The pegs in the bowl are usually the most consistent, especially in the winter months, and these are numbered 7-16 and 30. Both 16 and 30 are situated on points are carp can be taken on both the pole and bomb here. Peg 27 is one of the best pegs, facing the islands reeds, and peg 21 can also produce plenty of fish at certain times of year. In the first arm, pegs 1, 3 and 36 are all very good, especially down the edges.

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Margin fishing works very well on Beeches, especially in the reedy pegs. You’ll need heavy pole gear and quick reactions to get them out though as the fish here are notoriously hard fighting! In the arms fish pellets, corn or dead maggots in the margins tight in in the main bowl you’ll also catch there but late in the day.

The fish in the lake respond well to hard pellets being catapulted in, so fish these on both the long pole and bomb. Sometimes they’ll come shallow so put up a rig up just in case. You can also catch fish on the Method or pellet feeder to any features or the centre of the bowl.




The fish tend to push out into the middle of the bowl or shoal up in the reed beds. Fish a bomb with pellet or corn in the bowl itself, you might also catch on a pole line with pellets on warmer days. In the reed pegs try a piece of bread at half depth or go on the bottom with corn over pellet.

There are also some cracking nets of silver fish to be had by fishing light tackle with maggots.

Top Tip

Gear up appropriately if you have snags in the margins or reeds in open water to fish to. I’d recommend at least a 0.20mm (8lb) hooklength matched to a size 16 or 18 elastic, or the equivalent or more in hollow, tightened right up.

Steve Cooke, former Fish O’ Mania champion