News & Match Results at Lindholme Lakes Country Park

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Weekend open match results December 19-20

21 December 2015 Fishing News & Match Results

Saturday December 19
Benny’s Lake (19 pegs)
1. R Lidgate 126-11-0, peg 55
2. D Shepherd 126-3-0, peg 19
3. B Fisk 105-15-0, peg 36
4. J Allerton 104-6-0, peg 51

Incredible weights for December and an incredible photo finish too. Despite catching around 250-300 fish each, just two fish proved the difference between Roy Lidgate and Dale Shepherd who both fished the short pole with pellet or corn. To show how good the match was, Tommy Pickering caught 95lb and only came 7th! “At the end of the match I really thought I was going to make the top three today, I can’t believe I’ve ended up coming 7th!” joked Tommy.

Sunday December 20
Individual Winter League Round 5
Bonsai and Benny’s Lakes (56 pegs)
1. L Marshall 94-9-0, peg 5 Benny’s
2. K Holvey 93-12-0, peg 60 Benny’s
3. N Speed 77-7-0, peg 3 Benny’s
4. M Owen 76-13-0, peg 62 Bonsai
5. G Boddice 70-1-0, peg 12 Benny’s

Round five of the winter league saw the frame dominated by Benny’s Lake, with Les Marshall top scoring from peg 5 using pellet and corn between 4m and 5m. By contrast runner up Kev Holvey (Tri-Cast) fished the feeder at close range in the wind to finish just shy of Les. Unluckiest angler of the day was Graham Boddice who, despite coming fifth overall, was unfortunately in the same section as first and third!

“Ahh not bad” – winner Les Marshall