News & Match Results at Lindholme Lakes Country Park

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Open match results March

19 March 2018 Fishing News & Match Results

Saturday March 10 
Bonsai Lake (32 pegs)
1. J Kenning 67-12-0, peg 28
2. J Snedker 60-7-0, peg 67
3. P Ullathorne 58-3-0, peg 23
4. M Smith, 55-6-0, peg 14

The weights are starting to creep up as John Kenning took the win with a catch of mainly proper carp on peg 28. The bomb and corn and long pole and pellet did the business for John.

Sunday March 11
Individual Winter League Round 10 
Bonsai and Strip Lakes (34 pegs)
1. N Speed 80-7-0, Bonsai 70
2. B Fisk 77-10-0, Bonsai 53
3. J Hall 67-4-0, Strip 4
4. G Jubb 62-13-0, Bonsai 32

Nick Speed returned to winning ways as he found the large carp on peg 70’s bay willing to take his Method feeder approach. This was one fish ahead of Ben Fisk who replied with a mixed catch of F1s, skimmers, chub and ide on peg 53.

Tuesday March 13
Tuesday Feeder and Bomb League
Loco and Strip (14 pegs)
1. P Wright 89-5-0, peg 24 Loco
2. N Speed 78-8-0, peg 37 Loco
3. 77-2-0, peg 14 Loco

A cracking net of fish for Paul Wright which consisted of two carp and the rest large F1s. He fished a Hybrid feeder down the edge to the reeds in the next swim.

Thursday March 15
Bonsai Lake (22 pegs)
1. P Hart 53-12-0, peg 57
2. N Speed 44-8-0, peg 71
3. A Dockerty 37-13-0, peg 77

Long pole and pellet and a bit of bomb and corn did the damage for Paul Hart on peg 57.

Saturday March 17
Bennys Lake (10 pegs)
1. Turtle 52-8-0, peg 8
2. J Allerton 49-1-0, peg 53
3. R Gandley 43-9-0, peg 58

Fishing the feeder with pellet and pole and pellet gave Turtle a net of F1s for the win in gale force winds and blizzards. Mick Owen on peg 51 would have comfortably won the match with over 60lb but unfortunately due to Mick only having a single keepnet in and exceeding the limit his catch did not count.