News & Match Results at Lindholme Lakes Country Park

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Open match results March 29 – April 1

4 April 2018 Fishing News & Match Results

Thursday March 28
Bonsai Lake (29 pegs)
1. P Wright 98-8-0, p61
2. L Hall 74-7-0, p23
3. J Kenning 73-1-0, p70
4. M Holmes 58-8-0, p75

Paul started on the short pole to take a run of skimmers, before moving out to 16m with 4mm pellet to find carp and F1s.

Friday March 30
Mystery Pairs
Bonsai, Willows, Bennys (50 pegs)
1. M Herrington 154-15-0, Bennys 16
2. L Hall 144-15-0, Bennys 9
3. J Allerton 143-1-0, Bennys 2
4. L Marshal 134-4-0, Bennys 23

The overall frame was dominated by Bennys Lake where Mick Herrington took a net of F1s averaging 1lb on the short pole with pellet baits. Mick also triumphed in the Mystery Pairs where he drew with Dean Jacques who caught 55lb from Bonsai Lake.

Saturday March 31
Bonsai Lake (28 pegs)
1. R Lidgard 102-10-0, p72
2. J Allerton 73-5-0, p46
3. R Wood 69-8-0, p29
4. M Parker and P Hart 58-8-0

A runaway win for Ryan Lidgard who found plenty of carp on the long pole to the island of peg 72.

Sunday April 1
Loco Lake (19 pegs)
1. M Owen 63-3-0, p35
2. C Webster 39-14-0, p24
3. A Stoner 38-4-0, p33

Mick Owen took the win fishing the feeder with pellets soaked in Dynamite F1 soak.

Monday April 2
Willows and Loco (20 pegs)
1. L Bennett 60-14-0, Willows 2
2. G Jubb 48-3-0, Loco 37
3. M Owen 47-11-0, Willows 12

Lee Bennett, brother of Andy, took the win from peg 2 on Willows with pellet catching fish in the edge and on the short and long pole for him.