News & Match Results at Lindholme Lakes Country Park

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Open match results March 20 – 25

26 March 2018 Fishing News & Match Results

Tuesday March 20
Feeder & Bomb League final round
Loco Lake (12 pegs) 
1. N Speed 59-13-0, p35
2. T Pickering 44-9-0, p37
3. Turtle 39-1-0, p24

A catch of mainly F1 carp and two carp for Nick Speed on the hybrid feeder long and short.

Final league standings
1. P Wright
2. N Speed
3. T Pickering

Thursday March 22
Bonsai Lake (26 pegs)
1. P Wright 87-9-0, p34
2. A Dockerty 80-1-0, p71
3. N Thompson 55-13-0, p69
4. M Holmes 53-11-0, p78

Pole fishing pellets in the open water both long and short gave Paul Wright the victory with 7lb to spare.

Saturday March 24
Loco and Bennys Lakes (24 pegs)
1. P Wright 169-2-0, Loco 23
2. J Snedker 145-14-0, Bennys 14
3. M Owen 133-11-0, Bennys 51

A fantastic match today with several 100lb weights spread across both lakes. Out in front was man in form Paul Wright yet again, what a week he has had! Paul caught large F1s on the pole short with pellet and corn.

Sunday March 25
Individual Winter League Final Round
Bonsai and Loco Lakes (37 pegs) 
1. R Lidgard 112-2-0, Loco 25
2. B Richards 106-8-0, Loco 33
3. M Parker 63-11-0, Bonsai 71
4. P Christie 58-8-0, Bonsai 69

Two good nets here for the end pegs on Loco with Ryan Lidgard just pipping Brent for the win. Ryan caught on the pole short with pellet, despite a slow first two hours. On the league front it was a perfect score for James Hall to take the overall league.

Final league standings
1. J Hall 7pts, £730
2. P Christie 8pts
3. N Speed 9pts
4. D Bennett 10pts
5. S Mazza 10pts
6. R Francis 10pts