News & Match Results at Lindholme Lakes Country Park

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Open match results June

17 June 2016 Fishing News & Match Results

Tuesday June 7
Bonsai Lake (20 pegs)
1. N Speed 215-4-0, peg 74
2. G Jubb 91-10-0, peg 45
2. A Dockerty 89-5-0, peg 59

Another win for Nick Speed, from anywhere! He cast the Method feeder tight to the sedges of peg 74 for a rake of big F1s and odd carp.

Thursday June 9

Benny’s Lake (10 pegs)
1. D Shires 239-8-0, peg 1
2. K Easton 237-1-0, peg 23
3. J Green 173-4-0, peg 3

A new lake record for Dave Shires, pellet shallow at just 5m saw over 400 F1 stockies bagged. Only just behind was Keith Easton, what a match!

Thursday June 16
Bonsai Lake (19 pegs)
1. N Speed 183-3-0, peg 45
2. A Dockerty 123-9-0, peg 70
3. D Shires 93-0-0, peg 39

Nick Speed’s seventh win on the trot! No surprise on his tactics, Method feeder to the mudbank with maggot and pellet, the highlight being this fantastic ghostie.