News & Match Results at Lindholme Lakes Country Park

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Midweek open match results March 15-17

18 March 2016 Fishing News & Match Results

Tuesday March 15
Bonsai Lake (28 pegs)
1. M Parker 46-7-0, peg 21
2. A Lakey 40-15-0, peg 2
3. G Jubb 39-9-0, peg 60

A very tough match which was won by Matt Parker from peg 21. Matt pole fished pellets to the island and aerator for 46lb 7oz.

Wednesday March 16
Benny’s Lake (12 pegs)
1. G Jubb 94-0-0, peg 49
2. T Stockton 91-9-0, peg 58
3. P Riley 77-7-0, peg 50

Benny’s Lake is starting to pick up and several good weights were taken on the short pole with pellet and maggot, especially from winner Gary Jubb.

Thursday March 17
Bonsai Lake (33 pegs)
1. J Kenny 110-8-0, peg 70
2. J Snedker 83-11-0, peg 68
3. L Hall 67-5-0, peg 35
4. N Speed 56-8-0, peg 60

John Kenny took top spot from the famous peg 70 as waggler and bomb to the island saw plenty of decent mirror carp respond to comfortably hold off the challenge of Jamie Snedker on the next peg.