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Lex’s Legacy Big Bash 2016

3 June 2016 Fishing News & Match Results

Lindholme Big Bash annual charity match in aid of ‘Pride of the Isle’ charity  (Lex’s Legacy)
Considering the weather, work commitments , school holidays we managed a turn out of 68 anglers for the new format charity match. Massive thanks to all who turned up and helped out. Neil, Bev and Aaron for donating the lakes and pegging fees, prizes and assisting with the event. The girls who came along and sold raffle tickets folded raffle tickets and sold even more raffle tickets. The anglers who drove from as far afield as Dorset to fish the event, some stayed over night. Des Shipp left home around 5am this morning to get up to Lindholme in time. We also had some of my own club anglers who were working last night but stayed awake to fish the match. Numerous companies in donating the prizes in what has to be said is now a saturated market with loads of charity plea’s for help. Individuals also who made donations to the cause, including £50 from Roy Brown, a Big Bash Stalwart who recently emigrated to New Zealand but still supports the clubs charitable events and causes. This is not withstanding the anglers who as well as purchasing raffle tickets also left donations to the charity and good cause.
Special mention to the weighing guys who assisted as well as packing up their tackle in a very timely manner
The end result of the day is a total of just short of £6000 raised for the charity, well done and a massive thank you to all who helped.
In our organisation of the event we tried to spread the pegs around 6 lakes on the complex. Over 120 pegs went into the draw bag as we had over 90 names on our list and we were expecting others to just turn up. With 68 paying on this meant a lot of good pegs were left in the draw bag and there was even more space around the complex. We also tried to share the monies out with 1st, 2nd prizes, lake winners and default section winners. Again numbers and monies had to be adjusted due to no shows from original pledged numbers.
Some lakes fished better than others, Laurels seemed to be the one that struggled the most, well done to those who stuck it out to the end. The overnight rain and bitterly cold wind also seemed to have an effect on the recorded weights. Hopefully all who fished enjoyed their day, we will try order some sunshine for any events in the future.
*Report courtesy of Leo Martin, Big Bash AC

1. M Pillay 172-0-0, Benny’s 3
2. K Holvey 111-8-0, Willows 35
3. M Marshall 91-4-0, Beeches 1
4. L Simpson 89-4-0, Strip 5
5. A Dockerty 83-4-0, Strip 4

Match winner Matt Pillay (MAP)