News & Match Results at Lindholme Lakes Country Park

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Easter Bank Holiday match results

31 March 2016 Fishing News & Match Results

Friday March 25
Mystery Pairs
Bonsai and Benny’s Lakes (40 pegs)
1. S Rothery 109-10-0, Benny’s 13
2. L Marshall 108-8-0, Benny’s 37
3. J Allerton 100-0-0, Benny’s 6
4. J Kenny 85-6-0, Bonsai 84

Steve Rothery took top spot as Benny’s produced the top three weights. Steve fished the short pole with pellet and also the waggler to catch loads of F1 stockies. He also triumphed in the Mystery Pairs optional competition as he was drawn with Lee Hall after the match.

Saturday March 26
Bonsai and Beeches Lakes (41 pegs)
1. G Jubb 94-15-0, Beeches 13
2. L Marshall 91-4-0, Bonsai 55
3. B Fisk 85-7-0, Beeches 21
4. R Kerridge 83-15-0, Beeches 27

A very close match which saw the top six separated by just 13lb. Gary Jubb took advantage of a strong wind coming straight off his back to take some decent Beeches carp on the long pole and pellet and the Method feeder, ahead of Les Marshall who fished the bomb and waggler from 55 Bonsai.

Sunday March 27
Laurels and Beeches (35 pegs)
1. S Dyson 90-4-0, Laurels 4
2. L Marshall 88-12-0, Beeches 34
3. M Owen, 77-9-0, Beeches 7

Steve Dyson was today’s winner, fishing a short pole and also a feeder into the vacant space around peg 16. In the runner up position for the third day on the trot was Les Marshall, top on Beeches!

Monday March 28
Bonsai Lake (25 pegs)
1. M Owen 72-10-0, Bonsai 59
2. G Lodgroves 62-8-0, peg 65
3. D Shepherd 55-9-0, peg 40

Mick Owen took full advantage of plenty of space on peg 59, casting into the area in front of peg 55 with a bomb to take a string of small carp and F1s.

A mini festival was also run over the past few days and the winner was John Allerton with three perfect section wins, pocketing £200.