News & Match Results at Lindholme Lakes Country Park

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Weekend open results September 26/27

27 September 2015 Fishing News & Match Results

Saturday September 26
Loco and Strip Lakes, 31 anglers
1. D Shires 124-13-0, Loco 37
2. D Shepherd 122-14-0, Loco 17
3. R Lidgate 86-7-0, Strip 2
4. D Beggsy 73-6-0, Loco 33

Dave Shires took top spot from the reed bed pegs on Loco, fishing mainly pellet shallow on the long pole. Most of his catch consisted of large F1 carp between 2lb and 3lb. In second place Dale Shepherd alternated between the bomb and the pellet waggler for his mainly carp haul, although he did take a carp and couple of F1s down the edge late too.

Sunday September 27
Bennys and Laurels Lakes, 27 anglers
1. L Hawksworth 158-0-0, Laurels 4
2. I Ridgway 132-15-0, Bennys 1
3. L Marshall 121-1-0, Bennys 20
4. R Ledgrade 115-4-0, Bennys 2

A split match today saw one outstanding weight on Laurels to top the field, with the backing weights on Bennys. Luke Hawksworth took a great bag of carp and big F1s fishing the short pole, the long pole shallow and down the edge. Busiest man on the bank was Ian Ridgway who took the runner up spot fishing his trademark paste approach on just the top kit of his pole for  stockie F1 carp every cast.