News & Match Results at Lindholme Lakes Country Park

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Weekend open match results February 27-28

29 February 2016 Fishing News & Match Results

Saturday February 27
Loco and Strip Lakes (24 pegs)
1. R Lidgate 70-1-0, Loco 7
2. L Huddlestone 65-13-0, Loco 41
3. G Jubb 33-14-0, Loco 15

Harsh frosts and cold winds took a toll on overall weights but it still needed a 70lb 1oz catch to secure the spoils for Roy Lidgate. Bomb and corn delivered the goods from peg 7 on Loco.

Sunday February 28
Benny’s and Bonsai 2-25 (26 pegs)
1. T Pickering 56-13-0, Benny’s 60
2. M Owen 53-10-0, Benny’s 4
3. S Rothery 50-4-0, Benny’s 14

Tommy Pickering won his second match of the week from the point peg 60, catching on the feeder for the first hour before switching to the pole at 6m with pellet and maggot. He caught 125 F1s for 56-13-0, with a bit of help from the resident ‘coach’ on peg 60…