News & Match Results at Lindholme Lakes Country Park

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Weekend open match results December 5 – 6

7 December 2015 Fishing News & Match Results

Saturday December 5
Laurels Lake (15 pegs)
1. J Snedker 73-5-0, peg 23
2. P Reilly 50-6-0, peg 13
3. L Marshall 46-14-0, peg 50

Another weekend and another day of extreme weather! Gales of 40 – 50mph all day put a few anglers off but there were still fish to be caught as Jamie Snedker ran out the winner, using the short pole and also the bomb.

Sunday December 6
Individual Winter League Round 4
Bonsai, Strip and Benny’s Lakes (55 pegs)
1. D Shepherd 108-11-0, Benny’s 3
2. L Marshall 99-12-0, Benny’s 13
3. J Allerton 99-6-0, Bonsai 74
4. R Drage 90-11-0, Benny’s 47
5. R Lidgate 85-15-0, Bonsai 21

Without doubt one of the best winter league matches ever at Lindholme, there were nine weights over 80lb and only one section was won with less than 70lb! Better weather today and taking advantage of a plum swim in Benny’s 3 was inform Dale Shepherd, who caught 108lb of small F1 stockies fishing pellets on the top 4 and top 5 of his pole. It was a Barnsley clean up too as his sharing partner Les Marshall took second place too. “Ah, not bad…!”