News & Match Results at Lindholme Lakes Country Park

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Weekend open match results April 9-10

11 April 2016 Fishing News & Match Results

Saturday April 9
Willows, Benny’s, Loco and Strip (57 pegs)
1. L Marshall 117-10-0, Benny’s 21
2. D White 109-8-0, Willows 52
3. R Clements 102-6-0, Willows 7
4. D Shepherd 100-2-0, Strip 23

Les Marshall (Barnsley Bait Co) scored his second Saturday win in succession, benefiting from plenty of room on the spit on Benny’s. Les caught short and also shallow with pellet. Dave White of Maver Midlands was second fishing the short pole and down the edge from peg 52 on Willows Lake, with third placed Rich Clements on the point opposite.

Sunday April 10
Bonsai 1-31, Loco, Benny’s and Beeches Lakes (96 pegs)
1. L Bramham 121-4-0, Bonsai 22
2. J Hall 115-8-0, Bonsai 31
3. S Barraclough 111-5-0, Bonsai 24
4. L Marshall 109-12-0, Bonsai 15

A fantastic attendance of 96 today on the open, which saw the main frame dominated by Bonsai. The money was well spread out as every winner of each 6 peg section won £45. Picking up £400 was winner Lee Bramham (Matrix Halifax) who caught on worms and pellets to the island and down the edge from 22 Bonsai. James Hall (Browning) took second again, this time on the pole, bomb and waggler.