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Open match results February 20 – 21

25 February 2016 Fishing News & Match Results

Saturday February 20
Willows Lake (24 pegs)
Not many details on this match, apologies, but the winner by a country mile was inform John Allerton. From peg 9, he took a terrific 121lb catch on the bomb and corn.

Sunday February 21
Winter League Round 9
Bonsai, Loco and Benny’s Lakes (47 pegs)
1. D Bennett 88-10-0, Loco 41
2. A Dockerty 85-9-0, Bonsai 59
3. K Holvey 81-2-0, Bonsai 74
4. A Nelson 75-5-0, Bonsai 70
5. N Speed 72-11-0, Bonsai 44

A string of impressive weights and the field was topped by Danny Bennett, fishing the bomb and feeder at range on 41 Loco for F1s and a couple of bonus carp. Bonsai filled the rest of the frame as Alex Dockerty took second fishing the bomb and corn.
There are two matches of the league left and the current overall positions are as follows.
R Lidgard 9; J Hall 10; L Marshall and P Wright 11; B Fisk and R Taylor 12