News & Match Results at Lindholme Lakes Country Park

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Open match results December 6-11

15 December 2016 Fishing News & Match Results

Tuesday December 6
Bonsai Lake (17 pegs)
1. K Lovell Cotton 61-0-0, peg 63
2. A Scotthorne 60-6-0, peg 70
3. J Snedker 41-7-0, peg 28

A very cold day but a few decent weights, led by Karl Lovell Cotton who cast to the tree in 62 for a brilliant first two hours when the damage was done.

Thursday December 8
Bonsai Lake (21 pegs)
1. T Pickering 76-2-0, peg 64
2. J Allerton 71-15-0, peg 13
3. N Speed 55-12-0, peg 69

A rise in temperature and a rise in weights, Tommy Pickering led the way with a net of carp taken on the bomb to the island point of peg 64.

Saturday December 10
Beeches Lake (15 pegs)
1. N Speed 63-6-0, peg 9
2. A Danforth 58-2-0, peg 14
3. P Burton 52-10-0, peg 13

Nick Speed added another win to his belt, catching mostly carp on the bomb and corn and adding three F1s on the 16m pole too.

Sunday December 11
Willows Lake (20 pegs)
1. D Beggs 43-12-0, peg 49
2. M Owen 37-11-0, peg 23
3. A Dowd 36-2-0, peg 28

The current hot method of bomb and corn produced for Damien Beggs, who took some big F1s, including one touching 5lb!