News & Match Results at Lindholme Lakes Country Park

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Midweek open match results February 9-11

15 February 2016 Fishing News & Match Results

Tuesday February 9
Bonsai Lake (26 pegs)
1. J Allerton 88-5-0, peg 19
2. N Speed 69-12-0, peg 1
3. T Pickering 59-10-0, peg 47
4. A Richards 47-10, peg 75

A good Tuesday attendance saw John Allerton take the honours from a peg which has strangely started producing this winter, peg 19 in the corner. The pole into the deep water took lots of small F1s and a few bonus carp.

Wednesday February 10
Benny’s Lake (12 pegs)
1. K Holvey 93-3-0, peg 12
2. G Norris 63-1-0, peg 6
3. P Reilly 60-2-0, peg 56

A terrific catch from Benny’s for Kev Holvey, who caught on a small feeder at 18m and 30 from peg 12. His catch including some better fish, as you can see from picture. Can you tell who sponsors him?!

Thursday February 11
Laurels Lake (25 pegs)
1. D Ward 42-12-0, peg 1
2. S Mazza 42-3-0, peg 19
3. D Shepherd 39-14-0, peg 23
4. A Waters 37-3-0, peg 38

Every fish was vital in this incredibly close match won by D Ward off the rarely included peg 1, he caught on the short pole and also down the edge with pellets.