News & Match Results at Lindholme Lakes Country Park

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Midweek match results May 10-12

12 May 2016 Fishing News & Match Results

Tuesday May 10
Bonsai Lake (21 pegs)
1. N Speed 187-5-0, peg 62
2. C Bainbridge 154-0-0, peg 52
3. P Wright 127-2-0 peg 6

The Bonsai lake is really starting to pick up now with this match headed by a super 187-5-0 for Shimano/Dynamite’s Nick Speed. Nick fished the feeder, the long pole and also had a few in the margins for a comfortable win ahead of Craig Bainbridge.

Thursday May 12
Bonsai Lake (22 pegs)

1. N Speed 198-2-0, peg 47
2. K Easton 141-3-0, peg 28
3. S Cameron 121-10-0, peg 41
5. J Green 115-0-0, peg 25

A double midweek victory for Nick Speed was completed, with the feeder doing most of the damage for ‘Deidre’ as both ends of the lake showed good form. Look out for his videos on the matches at but in the meantime here he is in action from the match today.