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Big changes to the Laurels and Willows lakes

16 February 2018 Uncategorised

Work began this week on our re-modelling of the Laurels Lake. The arms have been removed as they were in danger of collapsing and instead have been transformed into islands. These have been strengthened and given tree cover. This will create a very diverse lake with plenty of options, ideal for rod and line fishing too.

The overall number of pegs has also been reduced on the lake from 68 to 40 to give better fishing. The lake will be rested while the banks mature with grass and is set to open for its debut match on the Commercial National Championship in late April.

On the Willows lake we have also removed some of the huge dense reed beds and created a new wider causeway in between Willows and Laurels. We are always striving to create a better fishing experience so we hope to see you soon to try out these new improved lakes.