News & Match Results at Lindholme Lakes Country Park

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Bank holiday open match results

31 May 2016 Fishing News & Match Results

Sunday May 29
Bonsai Lake (26 pegs)
1. A Lumb 143-1-0, peg 70
2. L Marshall 124-6-0, peg 44
3. P Chapman 103-5-0, peg 52
4. D Taylor 101-10-0, peg 69

Andy Lumb caught on the long pole and the waggler for a great net of proper carp.

Monday May 30
Mystery Pairs
Bonsai Lake (25 pegs)
1. N Speed 174-15-0, peg 55
2. K Smith 95-14-0, peg 74
3. A Dowd 91-13-0, peg 52
4. B Fisk 79-1-0, peg 28

Another match and another huge weight for Nick Speed, his third in a row. With fish spawning throughout the lake, sticking to the Method feeder paid off for Nick with another fine performance. He only just won it!
In the pairs, Nick was drawn with N Thorpe (43lb) to take overall weight victory. Second was Kayleigh Smith (95lb) and Mick Nolan (62lb).