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Open match results September 17-22

22 September 2017 Fishing News & Match Results

Sunday September 17
Laurels and Bonsai Lakes (41 pegs)
1. K Jones, 154-10, Laurels 66
2. B Richards 139-10, Laurels 19
3. B Fisk 126-15-0, Laurels 4
4. C Thompson 108-6-0, Laurels 47

Laurels dominated the frame during another well-attended sunday open as young gun Kristian Jones won his second open of the weekend there, following 113lb the day before on peg 7 on Beeches. Kristian fished caster shallow to the tree and pellet on the deck long, to get ahead of Brent Richards. Special mention to third-placed Ben Fisk who had to jump in the lake after half an hour to rescue his 14.5m pole section!

Tuesday September 19
Bonsai Lake (19 pegs)
1. P Wright 112-2-0, peg 60
2. J Green 81-7-0, peg 70
3. M Pillay 76-7-0, peg 35

Tuesday victory for Paul Wright where he caught mainly on his trademark short pole tactics with hard pellets.

Thursday September 21
Bonsai Lake (20 pegs)
1. S Blackham 100-10-0, peg 59
2. P Hart 98-3-0, peg 2
3. W Birkhil 86-6-0, peg 6

One fish decided today’s match as Sam Blackham just got the verdict, catching on the pole and bomb with hard pellets from the current form area in 59-61.